second shooter guide


Be on Time & Be Prepared

  • Please be on time! If you tend to run late- always arrive at least 15 minutes early with equipment charged and ready to go.
  • Please verify time and date on your camera settings are correct!
  • Please shoot with 2 cards in your camera at all times. 
  • If someone is giving you an issue which is impacting your ability to do your job- let me know ASAP! 
  • Please review this document as well. 

Role & Responsibilities:

  • Unless otherwise planned with other photographer - vary your shots as if you are first shooting. E.g. change lenses, and position. 

Manual Shooting:

  • Shutter speed should match or exceed the lens focal length. In other words if you wanted a sharp, shake free shot with a 50mm lens your shutter speed would be 1/50th sec or faster. 


  • When in doubt, crop UP to leave room for image straightening. Stay closer to center to avoid harsh left / right cutoffs that may be an issue with straightening / cropping in post. 
  • Shots below are general concepts - not cropped to scale due to template restrictions! 


  • Main focus is candids- Up close & wide room.
  • Getting dressed details & action shots.
  • Details: Limit these to 5-10 mins after candids / getting ready moments are covered but prior to bride getting dressed. 
  • Photos of gifts to eachother. 
  • The groom is important too!! Don't forget about his details - watch, suit, cufflinks, bridal gift, moments with groomsmen, etc. See this link for more. 


  • There is always something to shoot!
  • Everyone is important, especially parents / grandparents of B&G, children, BM, MOH & Bridal Party.
  • Focus on horizontal crops.
  • If either Bride or Groom have kids, lots of shots of kids and parents with kids.


  • Wide Setup - 24mm
  • Alter Setup & Details - 50 mm
  • Guests Arriving - 50 or 100mm or 70-200mm
  • Kids in BP- Candids
  • BP waiting to walk


* After shot is taken, verify eye contact and head direction. You can't go back and redo this once the day has passed. 

Bridal Party
You ARE Shooting

  • Close ups
  • Candids
  • Flowers & Dresses
  • Dress, Tux, Flower Crops and Details - Especially if mismatched bridesmaids! 
  • Mimic some shots as 1st shooter close & far

Family Portraits
You are ONLY shooting candids with IMMEDIATE family. 

  • Take charge and help gather family members to expedite time and keep bride & groom frustration to a minimum. 
  • No shooting of extended family, just position family members based on 1st shooter POV.
  • Fix brides hair & bottom of gown. 

Cocktail Hour

  • Food Stations, Ice sculptures, anything personal or monogrammed. 
  • Wide Room
  • This is a great time to grab Candids of Guests. 


  • Exterior wide shot & venue sign


* Check flash settings w/ other shooter before entrances.Do test shots on each other. 

- For essential shots, position yourself closer to 1st shooter so backups are available if needed.

-Bounce flash off ceiling whenever possible for reception, portraits, dance shots rather than direct diffusion. 

Room & Decor

  • Wide Room & Half Room
  • Full Table & Arial Table
  • Centerpieces
  • Creative Crops

Formal Dances

  • Close ups, full body & wide room including ceilings unless otherwise specified. 


  • Guest reactions & candids - especially parents of Bride & Groom. 

Photo Booth & Desserts

  • A few candids of people, preferably B&G, in booth. 
  • If they spent money on it, even if it's boring or not pretty, it should be photographed. 

packing & prep

Professional Attire

  • We will coordinate before hand- but dark colors are always safe. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes that you can move quickly in.
  • Bring a comfortable change of shoes or have backups in the car. 

Taking Breaks & Keeping Your Energy Up!

  • There is always something to capture. Unless there is literally nothing in the itinerary, no guests around, and the bride and groom have decided to rest somewhere private, you should always be looking for something to shoot. Your breaks generally should not be longer than 5 minutes.Please limit breaks to bathroom only until after reception details have been captured.
  •  Bring easy to consume snacks and beverages since an opportunity to eat may not arise until the reception - IF the B&G/venue has allowed vendors meals- sadly, this is not guaranteed. Please note, if timeline is stressed, we will work through cocktail hour as reception details & room shots are the priority. 

Be Positive!

  • You are a 100% reflection of your main photographer's business. Shower everyone from the guests and couple to the other vendors with kindness, respect and a positive attitude.
  • Never say negative comments about the clients, guests, or vendors. 
  • Always having a smile on your face and a positive attitude :-)

What we do is so important...
I'm looking forward to working with you and thank you for your time, care and effort!