•    Props are not necessary unless you are trying to obtain a certain look stylistically or thematically. I encourage people to think about things which would be timeless years down the line. Popular characters and themes while fun now, may take away from the emotional elements of your images 5, 10, and 15+ years from now. 

    •    You, thoughtful wardrobe selection + an amazing location is the recipe for a photo that will only get better with time. 

    •    Blankets can be used as a prop, or simply just to keep warm depending on your sensitivity to the temperature. 


   •    Safety comes first. Lighting comes second. Wind and temperature follow. 

    •    Be artistic but realistic! Let's talk about your vision and how to properly plan for your session. A beautiful beach or cliffside sounds great until the wind is out of control and your family is miserable. Some things we can't control, some things we can plan for! 

    •    Energy levels should also be taken into account. If your child or partner has difficulty staying still, a small confined area like your home is not the best environment for photos. 

    •    Think about Permits! Photography permits are many times not necessary for smaller sessions- however, some places are very strict about this. If you decide to secure a permit, no worries- you're good to go! If you want to chance it like most people do-  you may run the risk of running into a private event or zealous, rule-abiding employee. It's usually not an issue, but helpful to keep in mind if you truly are tied to a spot. 


    •    Materials with textures photograph nicely. E.g. sweaters, buttons, dark denims, cream and muted color clothing, long necklaces, etc. 

    •    Avoid busy patterns and clothing with logos. Darker bottoms tend to be more flattering and focus attention on your face. 

    •    It may be helpful to lay all of your final outfit choices out on the bed or flat surface to see if they compliment one another. 

    •    Keep environment in mind- E.g.- rocks which you may or may not want to walk / climb on for photographs. 

    •    Dark or light colors colors with contrasting elements (e.g. a sweater, scarf, jewelry), dark denims, plaids, creams, and textured materials work great for Autumn sessions!

    •    Some great sites for just about anything male and female clothing wise: ASOSJ.CREWAnthropologieFree People, Lulu's, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Gap, and Express. Feel free to send over pictures of outfits if you have having trouble deciding or coordinating. I also know some personal stylists that can help if you are really in a jam! 

    •    For women, you may want to wear a bit more makeup then you normally would since natural light bleaches facial features - your skin appears lighter and your blush / eyeshadows will not be as apparent as they seem in indoor light. Make sure your neck and face are the same color if using bronzer or tinted moisturizers. Excessive dark makeup around your eyes will make your eyes appear smaller / make you look tired. 

    •    For men, consider wearing boots or shoes opposed to sneakers which tend to have large logos and may not correspond well with your partner’s outfit selection. 

    •    Clean your jewelry but don't forget to bring it - especially your wedding rings! 

•   FOR COLD WEATHER SESSIONS: Some people utilize heat packs / hand warmers sold at sporting goods stores- Target / Models / Dicks Sporting Goods or similar stores usually have them. You can put these between your own or children’s bottom layer and next layer of clothing to keep warmer. Just avoid direct skin contact. 

The DayS Of + Before Your Session

    •    Drink plenty of water. It does make a difference in the appearance of your skin. 

    •    Moisturizing your face and hands with non-greasy creams is often useful for men, women, and children. 

    •    If you are conscientious of how your face / body reacts to foods or alcohol- avoid salt, alcohol, dairy, or foods that may make you retain water. This varies person to person! 

    •    Prepare all your props / outfits ahead of time. 

    •    Consider packing the car early or the night before if you tend to run late and then feel stressed. 

    •    Get some sleep! If you feel exhausted, you will look exhausted so make rest a priority the night before. 

  •    Unless you are an actor or model, the first few minutes will feel awkward and unnatural… I will help direct you and you will naturally feel more comfortable as time moves on :)

    •    Your child, and perhaps even your partner, may not comprehend your vision, intentions, or enthusiasm for this photo session. Working as a team and taking charge of mishaps with a solution-oriented attitude are essential. 

    •    Stress does show in you photos… just roll with it and trust that it all works out somehow! 

    •    Most importantly, breathe and have fun!! 

Patience + being realistic

I can't wait to see what we create!!