Its been almost 7 months since my husband and I had our wedding, and I still find myself gushing over the photos that Rosemarie captured soo beautifully and elegantly. Rosemarie's talent for photography is unlike any wedding photographer out there. Her photos emit beauty and magic in every frame. Before our wedding dinner, we found ourselves taking photos in a park with tall beautiful trees covered in ivy and as soon as I saw all of this..I had an imagine in my head of how these pictures would turn out.. and let me tell you.. Rosemarie brought my dream to life. They are magical and mystical and I just love them so much! When I look at these pictures I can't even believe it's us! It's not only Rosemarie's unique imagery that makes her an amazing photographer.. it's her whole aura. She is so kind and so calm which then makes you super calm and it's so important to not be nervous when you are being photographed and Rosemarie really helps ease those nerves. Rosemarie's talent does not only show in her portrait photos, but also in the way she captures the details of the whole day. You will never forget what your wedding dress looked like.. or how handsome your husband looked, but you might not remember every flower in your centerpiece or how perfect the room looked before your guests arrived. Rosemarie made sure to capture every piece of perfection and detail in every inch of that room and that really meant a lot to me. One more thing... I don't think she slept the night of our wedding because she had a few teaser photos ready for us the next day! If that is not love and passion for what she does then I don't know what is! I am forever grateful!!!